Government Orders

Information Technology, Electronics & Communications Department (eProcurement wing). G.O.Ms.No.8 Dated: 08.05.2016 - Go-Live New Version of E-Procurement Solution. GO-MS-No-8

Remittance of successful bidder/supplier EMD to the User Departments - Orders - Issued. G.O.Ms.No.12 - Dated: 08.06.2015 GO-Ms-No-12

Dated:15-01-2003 Validation and enablement of procurement process through e-Procurement marketplace by the participating departments / agencies of Government of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Technology Services Ltd (APTSL); Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (APSRTC); Commissionerate of Tenders (CoT) (covering Irrigation and Command Area Development Deptt. and Roads & Buildings Deptt.) and Andhra Pradesh Health Medical Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation (APHMHIDC)- Orders - Issued. Information Technology & Communications Department. GO-Ms-No-2

IT&C dated 28-2-2005. eProcurement - Implementation of Public Key Infrastructure in eProcurement application from 1st March 2005 - Issue of Digital Certificates by APTS - Orders issued. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY & COMMUNICATIONS DEPARTMENT GO-Ms-No-6


Dt. 05-05-2007 - Issued by IT &C dept. - eProcurement - Payment Gateway - Payment of Transaction fee through UTI Bank's Internet Banking Direct Debit Facility - Orders - Issued - Reg. GO-Ms-No-11


eProcurement - Development of new version of eProcurement system Constituting a committee with stake holders - orders issued. GO-Ms-No-25

Dt:09-08-2012 GOAP - IT&C Dept - eProcurement - Implementation of e-Auction Services in all the departments from 1-9-2012 - Orders Issued. GO-Ms-No-30

Irrigation & CAD Department - Tender Procedures and Registration of Contractors Rules - Enhancing the monetary limits of works for different class of contractors. GO-MS-No-66

I&CAD dated 01-07-2003. Tender procedures and Registration of contractors Rules - Comprehensive - Orders Issued. GO-Ms-No-94

Dated:10-09-2003. Public Works - Reforms in Public works Departments - Streamlining of E-Procurement in Irrigation & Department - Orders - Issued. IRRIGATION & CAD ( PROJECTS WING: COD ) DEPARTMENT. GO-Ms-No-138

I&CAD dated 23-08-2006. Public works-Reforms in Public Works Department-e-procurement in Irrigation, Roads & Buildings and Other Engineering Departments-Submission Of Hard Copies at the time of tendering - G.O.Ms.No.245, I&CAD (PWReforms) Department dated 30-12-2005 - Restored - Orders - Issued. GO-Ms-No-155

I&CAD dated 01-09-2008. Public works-Reforms in eProcurement - Submission of Hard Copies of documents DD/BG etc for EMD etc by the bidders- Modification Orders Issued. GO-Ms-No-174

I&CAD dated 27-11-2006. Public works-Reforms in Public Works Department-e-procurement in Irrigation, R&B and Other Engineering Departments-Constitution Of Committee to examine the appeals filed by Contractors -Orders-Issued. GO-Ms-No-216

I&CAD dated 30-12-2005. Public works-Reforms in Public Works Department-e-procurement in Engineering Departments-Dispensing the submission of hard copies at the time of tendering - Amendments to G.O.Ms.No.6. I&CAD(PW)Department dt.11.1.2005-Orders-Issued. GO-Ms-No-245

Andhra Pradesh Financial Code Volume - I - Rules and instructions governing the Purchase of Stores - Rule III 7 under Article 125 of Andhra Pradesh Financial Code Volume - I - Further Orders - Issued. GO-Ms-No-258-FinanceDept

Dated:05-09-2003. Public Works - Reforms in Public Works Department - Introduction of e-Procurement in Municipal Administration and Urban Development Department - Guidelines procedure to be followed - Order Issued. MUNICIPAL ADMINISTRATION AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT (A1) DEPARTMENT GO-Ms-No-415

Administrative Reforms - Transfer of certain posts from Planning Department to Finance Department - Orders - Issued GO-Ms-No-418

  • The GoAP has, for the first time published a tender on the new eProcurement platform under the Swiss Challenge PPP model.

  • Setting up of (3) Entities for development of ICT Industry.

  • *EMD facility has been enabled in eProcurement portal.

  • Govt. of Andhra Pradesh launched New E-Procurement platform on 09 May 2016 at 11:00 AM

  • AP Procurement Policy for e-Governance.

  • 2G and 3G Data with Voice plans for all Govt. Employees.